This is the age of the streetwise illusionist, with TV audiences baffled by David Blaine, dazzled by Dynamo and tantalised by Troy. But happily, there’s still room in the world for a bit of good old fashioned magic.

And that’s just what Romany, Diva of Magic, offered a ‘small but perfectly formed’ audience at the opening night of her week-long Showzam run at the Sands.

Romany is a queen among female magicians, with a slew of top awards to her name – and she is proud to be the only British performer to win the coveted Golden Lion Award in Las Vegas. She premiered her first full-length magic show at Showzam 2013 – and it was so well received that she was invited back this year.

Dressed to the nines in a glamorous concoction of feathers and sequins, Romany proved herself to be a highly skilled performer whose sleight of hand baffled and bemused. I’m still trying to fathom out how she donned a satin jacket while intricately bound by rope – and then, to top it all, shrugged off both rope and jacket in two shakes of the ‘tunnel of love’!

Props ranged from the predictable (rope, rings, cards and coins), to the wildly wacky (ever seen a trick involving a packed of Daz washing power before?) in a show that is sure to appeal to magic fans of all ages.

Romany is a performer who obviously likes to feed off the enthusiasm of her audience – something that was tricky to pull off with so few people in the crowd, but she valiantly persevered with a wide range of clever tricks and snappy patter which earned her loud applause.

Catch Romany while you can – she’s at The Sands every night until February 22.



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