An Eye for Blackpool?


Bananarama said it best.  No, Robert De Niro is not, as far as I know, waiting and talking Italian.  Rather, I’ve heard a rumour.  Ooooh.

You know those round things?big wheel  Great big round things?  Bigger than a roundabout, smaller than the equator?  They’re big and they resemble wheels.  Aptly named?

Yeah, so Liverpool has one.  So does Manchester.  And London, obvsiously.  Well, the word on the grapevine is that our little Las Vegas might have one too.

If it happens, and word is there are several other round things to be jumped through before it’s a certainty, the promenade will have the shiny new attraction in place this summer.  There’s talk of VIP carriages with leather seats and televisions.  There’s talk of a competition, open to Blackpool residents, to name it.  I even heard mention that it could be a unique wedding venue.

One of my little dicky birds said of this rumour:

“It’s good to see new blood injecting cash into the town. I’m all for it.”

A couple of figures for our numerate readers: Cost = £7m, height = 60m

And that’s all I know.  Not a lot but enough to set the tongues wagging.  If I hear anyone talking Italian.  You’ll be the first to know.

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  • Neil Measures

    Blackpool used to boast a big wheel up until 1929, situated where the Olympia is now in The Winter Gardens. It was one of only four in the world, with 30 carriages each carrying 30 passengers. It lost appeal because of the time it took to fill and move around. Bet the new one is quick and thrilling.

  • Martin Ayrton

    One of the carriages for the old Big Wheel was still in use as a Shed at one of the houses on Victoria Road West, opposite the new Sainsbury’s…

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